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2022 Valentine DJ Set full of Soul and West-Coast

Hello Pacific Summer Sound members !

Pour apporter un peu d’amour dans ce monde de brutes, voici une édition spéciale pour célébrer la Saint Valentin, avec une sélection soigneusement mixée en HD dans les genres Soul et West-Coast music…

Près de 2 heures de set qui sont détaillées dans la tracklist ci-dessous, commençant par “We All Are His Children’’, la compo de Bruce Hibbard, et terminant par l’incroyable Jesse Ware.

Merci pour votre soutient, bonne Saint Valentin à toutes et à tous, et n’oubliez pas de répandre l’amour autour de vous !


English :

In order to bring a bit of love in this rude world, here comes a special edition to celebrate Valentine Day, with a selection carefully curated and HD mixed of 2 stepper tracks in Soul and West-Coast music genres…

You get here almost 2 hours of a DJ set carefully mixed and beatmached and offered as a FREE download for all Pacific Summer Sound members, that starts with “We All Are His Children’’ the Bruce Hibbard composition, and ends with Jesse Ware.

I have put bellow the full tracklist bellow

Thanks for your support, happy Valentine to all of you, and don’t forget to spread love around you !


Pour télécharger le set / To download FREE full set you can just go bellow the wave form of the track on Soundcloud and click on the 3 little dots (…) in order to enable the download function…


Track list :

01/ Bruce Hibbard “We All Are His Children’’

02/ Bunny Siggler “How can I Tell Her It’s Over”

03/ Eddie Rabbitt “Suspicions”

04/ Mai Yamane “Fall In Love”

05/ Marlene “Don’t Let It Go”

06/ Graham Dee “Make The Most Of Every Moment”

07/ Tavares “Turn Out The Nightlight”

08/ Leisure “Spark It Up”

09/ Uncle Jerry & The Ducks “Come On Home” feat. Jerôme Nigou

10/ Nancy Wilson “Here’s To Us”

11/ Lance Ferguson “Voo Sobre O Horizonte”

12/ Ronnie Foster “You’re The One”

13/ Sandra-Mae Lux “I’m Still Here”

14/ Brass Construction “ETC”

15/ Richard Evans “Funky Day”

16/ “A Clue” (DoctorSoul Unreleased Re – Therapy)

17/ Anri “Last Summer Whisper”

18/ The Dells “The Best In Me”

19/ Melissa Manchester “Your Place Or Mine”

20/ Sheila E. & The Train “Bahia”

21/ The Ritchie “You Can Always Count On Me”

22/ Instant Funk “So Glad I’m The One”

23/ Stone City Band “Having You Around”

24/ Jermaine Jackson “You Need To Be Loved”

25/ Nature’s Divine “I Just Can’t Control Myself”

26/ Anglo-Saxon Band “Call On Me”

27/ “Guess I Just Lost My Head” (DoctorSoul What’s Going Down Re – Therapy) FREE VALENTINE DL

28/ Lou Hayter “Telephone”

29/ Jessie Ware “Remember Where You Are”

Total time = 119:00